BOOKS / Touching Fire

Touching Fire

/ 2019

Label: Motýľ

Number of pages: 312

Binding: hardcover

Size: 135x205

Weight: 395g

Language: slovak

ISBN: 9788081641985

Release year: 2019


Anna's idyllic life is disrupted by a family tragedy.
Her brother's unexpected suicide hits everyone deep, including her sister-in-law, who is left alone with the children.

A few months after the funeral, Anna suspects that her brother did not leave the world voluntarily.
Only Robin, an old friend of her brother, can help her discover the truth.
Old secrets come to the surface and Anna risks a stable marriage.

Will she resist a seductive past?
Does Anna really want to know what happened to her brother?
What if the shocking truth will shake the present and definitively erase the future?