BOOKS / Prayer for the cruel
modlitba front

Prayer for the cruel

/ 2020

Label: Motýľ

Number of pages: 352

Binding: hardcover

Size: 130x200

Weight: 421g

Language: slovak

ISBN: 9788081642326

Release year: 2020


Childhood without a father, mother's negative attitude, dysfunctional relationships with men...
Despite everything, Laura is happy. The job of dreams in a magazine far from home gives her artistic soul wings and fills her.

Everything changes the moment her mother is injured and is dependent on her daughter's help. After careful consideration, Laura decides to travel home. Her motivation is not her mother's early recovery, but a secret studio that she will set up on the attic of the house. There she finally fully indulges in her great passion and creates abstract paintings.

An accidental meeting with her former classmate Viktor will set the fire of her desire for love, but at the same time she starts to be interested in family secrets.
Why my father left and never called again?
Why is Mom as cold as Alaska?

The well-known and successful painter Krištof sees the potential of Laura's talent and suggests her cooperation. A seemingly simple story of a woman touching her dream is disrupted by a truth and an insidious killer. They break into her life at not suitable moment.

It becomes clear to Laura that life is a joy and a struggle at the same time, and sometimes the only, what remains for us, are prayers for cruel...