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Hallway of Horror

/ 2018

Label: Motýľ

Number of pages: 288

Binding: hardcover

Size: 135x205

Weight: 375g

Language: slovak

ISBN: 9788081641695

Release year: 2018


Dark romance is coming...

An unexpected meeting with an old friend will bring Sasha a positive wave of change and her dreams are within reach. Sincere friendship, great man and plans for a common future...

When Sasha encounters the mysterious Hans at her mother's grave, she starts to be curious.

Was it really an accident?
What secret has Hans kept for thirty long years?
How does all this relate to the man she is planning to marry?

An accidental visit to Hans turns into a nightmare. The Hall of Horrors becomes a place where mistakes are paid for and where there is no time for regret or forgiveness. Only to save and desperately fight for survival.