BOOKS / Behind The Door Of My Dreams

Behind The Door Of My Dreams

/ 2014

Label: Motýľ

Number of pages: 240

Binding: hardcover

Size: 135x205 mm

Weight: 330 g

Language: slovakian

ISBN: 9788081640209

Release year: 2014


  • "Evin príbeh vás nadchne, pohltí a môžete si byť istý, že knihu nepustíte z rúk, kým nerozlúštite aj poslednú záhadu. Román má veľmi prekvapivé zvraty ..." read more


If you two are meant to be, you will remain together. If not, fate will intervene and you have no chance to win.

Eva decides to move to a city after graduating high school. She runs away from the countryside, where rumormongering and an unhealthy interest in other people’s lives are a part of every-day life. She gradually gets to know the true meaning of friendship and love she had yearned for so long. A merciless murdered enters this seemingly simple story and unleashes hell. Mistakes are paid by the innocent. The heroine finds herself at a dead end with only one way to find out which side of the doors hides Eva... and also what awaits behind them...