BOOKS / Amnesty For Betrayal

Amnesty For Betrayal

/ 2011

Label: Motýľ

Number of pages: 270

Binding: paperback

Size: 130x200 mm

Weight: 270

Language: slovakian

ISBN: 9788089482344

Release year: 2011


Livia lives her life according to a principle ”Hurt, so you don't get hurt”. When she meets Adam, she realises, that she can truly love someone and be nice to other people. But what is the true face of the man with a wedding ring, who rushes into hear life like a tornado, and changes it completely? Is their love really so strong, that it would last forever?
The price for the mistakes made is too high. Will Livia find peace in her heart, when the whole truth is revealed? Is it possible to forget someone, who broke your heart? What shall happen to be able to forgive?

The story full of emotions, lies, happiness, tears, pain and unexpected events, which can turn the happy life into a nigtmare.